August 08, 2023
igus bike components – plastic bicycle handlebars

Bike handlebars are available in various shapes made of steel, aluminium or carbon. They are produced by both well-known and unknown manufacturers – and now also by igus. Hang on a minute, why is ...

July 07, 2023
The igus:bike at Eurobike

Frankfurt, end of June 2023. Eurobike, one of the most important bicycle trade fairs, has left Lake Constance and is being held in Frankfurt for the second time. The igus:bike is being presented ...

June 06, 2023
The components of the igus:bike in the test lab – tested and safe

For igus, safety comes first. For this reason, when we bring new products onto the market, they are tested beforehand. And for a really long time, over and over again. And then optimised. And ...

May 05, 2023
The team behind igus:bike – Drive

Is a bicycle chain really necessary? No, not for an igus:bike. Because it has a belt instead of a chain. And since we already had the front drive part with planetary gearbox, crank and pedal, we ...

May 05, 2023
The technology in the igus:bike – the planetary gear

A so-called planetary gear is used as the gearbox for the igus:bike. However, this is not a special gearbox that is only used by us, but is a widespread solution, far beyond the bicycle sector ...

April 04, 2023
The team behind igus:bike – Freewheel

Loud enough? Or would you prefer it quiet? This is where opinions differ. What one person finds cool, might bother the next. Whereas … if you hear it, it’s also a safety aspect, because you are ...

March 03, 2023
The team behind igus:bike – Gearbox, cranks, and pedals

Michael knows how to get everything running smoothly. It’s a good thing, too, since he develops the igus:bike gearbox, cranks, and pedals. So it is an ideal setup. He has been working as a ...

February 02, 2023
The team behind igus:bike – Ball bearings

The development of ball bearings for the igus:bike is firmly in women’s hands. Lena and Julia make sure that the bearings in the wheel hubs and bottom bracket work perfectly. And that too without ...



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