July 07, 2023

The igus:bike at Eurobike

Frankfurt, end of June 2023. Eurobike, one of the most important bicycle trade fairs, has left Lake Constance and is being held in Frankfurt for the second time. The igus:bike is being presented, also for the second time. The first year, the urban bike was still an absolute prototype at the igus trade show stand and could only be viewed – but this year is different. Visitors could touch it, sit on it, and ride it! But only on a roller in front of a monitor – with a VR headset in a virtual landscape! It was very cool!!! Next time it will be ready for visitors to ride in real life. We promise!

Fascinating experience: cycling in the virtual world with the igus:bike

Plain bearings for a variety of cycling applications

Jan Philipp presents our first bicycle handlebars made of plastic

But our trade show stand featured more than the igus:bike. As some of you know, igus has been selling products to the bicycle industry for over 30 years – mainly bearings, rod ends, gears, and guide rails installed by well-known manufacturers on mountain, racing, gravel, touring, and cargo bikes.

And this year we did even more! We presented bicycle components made of plastic. In addition to a frame and wheels for an electric mountain bike, we exhibited cranks, pedals, and handlebars in different colours! The handlebars are almost ready for series production and will soon improve the cockpit of Advanced e-bikes.

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute – more plastic products? I’m already cutting back everywhere, and now you’re coming at me with even more plastic?” We are. Bicycle components made of plastic require much less energy to manufacture than those made of aluminium or carbon. And when it comes to recycling, plastic has an even greater advantage. Its COfootprint is much smaller than that of competing materials. Who would have thought?!

And that’s why igus chose the “From Re-Cycling to Bicycling” trade show motto. It’s about time that sustainability receive more attention in the bicycle industry. We believe components made of recycled or recyclable plastic can make a big difference. That’s why we want to raise the issue and encourage other manufacturers to work more with plastic. We believe that our plastic bicycle components will change the industry with “Made in Cologne” parts.

In addition to the three “B2B Days”, our stand was always well attended during the “Festival Days”, when anyone interested in cycling could visit Eurobike. From cycling through the iguverse landscape with the igus:bike in virtual reality to marvelling at the latest technical innovations for the plastic bicycles of the future, there was something for everyone.

Full suspension e-bike with plastic frame

There were a number of good discussions – thanks for your interest!

We would like to thank everyone who showed interest in the igus:bike and talked to us at the trade show. Whether you are a potential customer, supplier, future colleague, or just someone interested in bicycles, it was great to receive so much encouragement and interest in our projects – it made Eurobike 2023 a complete success for igus.

This motivates the igus:bike team to work even harder towards the goal of seeing the igus:bike and individual components on the world’s bike paths. We had lots of fun and are already looking forward to the next Eurobike. See you there!

Do you have any questions or comments? Just contact us and we will get in touch with you.

Part of our trade show team with the igus:bike



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