An urban bike made from recycled plastic

With RCYL, you can get around town quickly and sustainably. The bike, which is suitable for everyday use, does not rust, needs no oil and is virtually maintenance-free.


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Frequently asked questions

igus:bike was the working title of the project. As things are moving more and more towards series production, the RCYL brand has now come out of the slipstream and taken the lead.

With the RCYL bike, we want to set a circular economy in motion. Once the bike has reached the end of its life cycle, we will take it back and you will receive a bonus of €50. We then recycle the RCYL bike and use the material for the production of new bikes.

RCYL weighs approx. 17 kg.

No – not yet. The first bike will not be sold as an e-bike. We are also working on an e-version. However, it is still uncertain when this will come on the market.

RCYL will cost 1,243 €.

RCYL will be distributed by igus.

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