February 02, 2024

igus:bike – Working student wanted

Hi, when can we welcome you as a new team member?

What is made of over 90% plastic, has a 50% share of recycled fishing nets in the frame and wheels and longs for movement? And would like to get to know the big, wide world outside the igus company campus?

That’s right, the igus:bike! And now you have the one-time chance to ride the cool urban bike before it goes on sale – and get money for it too! No, we’re not joking, we’re serious! We are looking for students who would like to test our bike in everyday life.

Are you enrolled at university and maybe even studying a technical course? Do you know a bit about bicycle technology and prefer cycling to driving?

Do you have the time and desire to ride the igus:bike for at least 12 hours a week? And also take photos of and with the bike and write weekly reports on your rides and experiences? Then you fit our profile perfectly. For more information, simply click on the link and apply. What are you waiting for? 😉

Click here to apply!



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