February 02, 2024

Breaking news – an igus:bike prototype was stolen in Cologne!

The igus:bike is extremely popular! The bike stands out, is cool and has an unmistakably unique design. This was also noticed by a thief who spontaneously fell in love with the bike. The way to a person’s heart is not always through their stomach! And for us, this is proof that the average consumer also likes the design – not only the juries that gave the bike prizes such as the “reddot design award” or the “German Design Award”.

Unfortunately, this spontaneous change of user is not in our interest – although, we are actually looking for student test riders for the bike … so, if Mr or Mrs pilferer could please send us feedback and cycle a lot 😉

The igus:bike was stolen in beautiful Cologne. The police have been informed! So, if you see the bike with orange-gleaming frame, fork and wheels – yep, that’s the one. It’s the test prototype that our product manager was travelling with. There is also a QR code saying “Prototype” on the top tube. As usual, the igus:bike lettering is emblazoned on the side of the down tube. There is only one bike like this one outside the igus premises … if you come across it, please contact us! Feel free to use a DM on Instagram.

From what advantages can our “test driver” now benefit compared to competitor bikes? Particularly advantageous in winter with snow and road salt: the bike doesn’t rust! It can’t as it consists of over 90% plastic, 50% of which is made from recycled material. Also, nothing needs to be lubricated on the bike. The belt drive requires no maintenance and there is no need for the annoying lubrication of a chain. Bearings in wheels or pedals do not require any maintenance either. What if it gets dirty? Just hose it down with water and that’s it. Sounds like the perfect bike for the city, right? Our kleptomaniac probably thought so too …

Unfortunately, we are not alone when it comes to bicycle theft – in 2022 alone, 265,562 bicycles changed hands involuntarily. These are the cases recorded by the police, who knows how high the real figure is. Even a good lock didn’t help our igus:bike stay in place.

So, we’re curious to see if we’ll ever get our latest-generation prototype back – keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if you spot our city runabout!



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