December 12, 2023

The future is taking shape – the igus:bike takes the next big step

The igus:bike at the Mobility Day NRW 2023

What began in 2009 with a spontaneous idea during a beach holiday by igus CEO Frank Blase became visible to the public at the Hannover Messe 2022: a bicycle made from recycled plastic! The igus:bike, designed by mtrl. A lot has happened since then. The biggest visual change is rolling out of the rotomould, the new evolutionary stage of the bicycle frame, which consists of 50% recycled fishing nets. For this reason, the frame colour will also change to green, as the fishing nets are green and paintwork makes the subsequent recycling process of the bike more difficult after its lifetime. An important step for the preservation of our nature, we are moving towards a circular economy!

Critical points such as a steering angle limit that was too small have been rectified – now you can not only negotiate every bend on the road, but also in stairwells. The frame has also been extended to include a second mount for disc brakes, so that you can now brake with confidence at the front and rear. Thanks to internally routed brake cables, however, the clean look of the bike is retained.

If you have slowed down to a standstill and want to park your designer bike, you can now do so without having to lean it against anything, as it now comes with a really strong bike stand. The new seat post, which is now made entirely of plastic, is also striking from the outside! More material is used to provide the necessary strength. Another step closer to the goal of a bicycle made entirely of plastic!


Product manager Sven with the new, green recycling frame

You don’t see much of the other innovations. The stiffness of the cranks has been increased and the freewheel optimised. And thanks to excellent development work, the strength of the six built-in ball bearings has taken a significant leap forward.

The prospects for the igus:bike? Brilliant! Because the first 100 bikes are currently being produced and will be on the road in Cologne and the surrounding area. Shortly, the igus:bike will no longer just appear on websites, magazines or at various trade shows, but also in real life and in colour. And on the big cinema screen. Er, wait, what? Let us surprise you. 😉 #staytuned



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